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One of the most important skills of a human is being able to think for yourself.

This is also perhaps one of the most difficult things to do.

We humans are hierarchical animals.

We also respond very strongly, and very subconsciously, to social proof.

Tons of studies (some very shocking) demonstrate this.

When an authority says something, we believe it without question.

When our social peers are doing or thinking something, we go along without question.

This makes it VERY difficult to think independently.

There's an idea in business called "The Tenth Man."

Meaning whenever there is a big decision, there is ALWAYS somebody who's only job is to go against the consensus.

After much research, NASA admitted one of the problems that led to the space shuttle disaster in the 1980's was a lack of dissent.

All the experts agreed there was no problem.

And since everybody was an expert, and everybody agreed, then that meant there wasn't a problem.

Until the space shuttle exploded.

Turns out the "NASA culture" didn't allow for any dissent.

No explicitly, but implicitly.

Everybody agreed since everybody agreed.

Dissent wasn't even considered.

Hence the "tenth man" theory.

Always have some guy who ALWAYS argues with the consensus.

(You may have seen this idea creep into the movie World War Z).

Of course, this requires forethought.

A system of allowing it to happen.

But you don't have to sit around waiting to be given the job of "officially questioning authority."

You can start doing it on your own.

Be the guy or gal who ALWAYS thinks outside the box.

The creative thinker who is always getting people unstuck.

The clever one who doesn't just accept things because that guy on TV said so.

How do you do this?

By learning the structure of thought.

And practice examining the structure of thought.

Of being able to quickly take apart thoughts, and look at them from every possible angle.

And seeing where they are weak, and where they are strong.

So you can put them back together again, so they are MUCH more powerful.

This one skill will allow you to OUT FRAME everything.

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