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A long time ago, all societies had what is called an "oral tradition."

Long before writing was invented, people had to maintain the "narrative" of who they were as a collection of stories and myths.

And the only way they could keep these intact was to keep telling them over and over.

Every tribe had a couple of storytellers.

And these storytellers weren't thought of as high priests or anything.

They were just the oldest guys who told stories to the rest.

Then when kids grew up, they would more or less "self-select" for the storyteller of the next generation.

Whoever could remember the best, whoever could speak the most elegantly.

But then it all changed when writing was invented.

This also happened when societies got really large.

No longer were the stories of any society kept by the people.

They were maintained by high priests with special books that only they could read.

This is generally what happens when a new technology comes along.

It's hoarded by the elites, and generally used to hold power over the masses.

Imagine what it must have been like.

Everybody only saw these high priests occasionally.

And when they came out and read from special "books" (although nobody had ever seen a book before), it was like listening to god himself.

They must have been thought of as wizards or magicians.

Which gave them an extraordinary amount of power.

Power was held in a very small groups of elites for a LONG time.

Eventually the printing press was invented, and everybody started reading.

But even so, there is much more to words than most people realize.

Words are representations of ideas.

And most people simply take ideas at face value.

But any idea can be looked at from many different perspectives.

And since most folks only take words at face value, when you can learn how to see all the different potential meanings in a single idea, it will be like having wizard like power.

Most people talk about the same things over and over.

And they have the same opinions about the same things.

Over and over.

Until you come along and show them all the different ways ANY thought or idea can be interpreted.

This can give you extraordinary power over others.

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