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People are consumers of ideas.

We crave information in all its forms.

Social media, TV, conversations with others.

The more compelling and interesting the information is, the better it feels.

Kind of like food.

We like food that tastes good.

We don't like food that doesn't taste good.

A long time ago, this was tightly calibrated.

The stuff that tasted good was healthy and kept us alive and kicking.

Meat, fat, fruits, veggies, nuts, roots, etc.

Stuff that didn't taste good was stuff that was dangerous.

Dirt, tree bark.

We didn't have to think much.

Just consume what tasted good, and avoid what didn't taste good.

Our brains evolved to see information the same way.

Stuff that "felt good" tended to be helpful.

Stuff that didn't "feel good" wasn't so helpful.

A lot of this information came from non-verbal communication from others.

Today those ancient social signals come from social media.

Which is why it's so addicting.

Just like processed food, it tricks us into thinking it's healthy.

But another thing we enjoy very much is different content.

This why we love stories so much.

Ancient people's lived in some pretty boring environments, compared to today.

So guys and gals that would spin interesting tales about nature, the gods, us and our purpose were in high demand.

Similarly, people today that can spin interesting tales are in equally high demand.

People that can come up with an interesting take on common things.

Most people say and think the same things.

Over and over.

And most people comment on those same things the same way.

Over and over.

But it is pretty easy to take the same basic ideas, that people keep saying over and over, and flip them around in some interesting ways.

So interesting nobody has ever heard of them before.

Which will make you a very in-demand person.

People will listen to your take on things and get that feeling of enlightenment.

Of seeing things for the first time.

Of finally, "getting it."

Think differently, speak differently.

And be recognized above all.

Learn How:



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