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You Are Always Broadcasting Your Frame


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A lot of the way reality works is really backwards.

One reason is we humans have a tough time with any "cause-effect" ideas.

We tend to assume connections where none exist.

This has been demonstrated in children as young as six months.

They believe it allowed for quick thinking back in the days of hunters and gathers.

Many of our problems today stem from having hunter-gatherer instincts in a modern world.

Another problem arises when we understand the relationships between our beliefs and the things we see.

Most people believe they more or less see the world the way it is.

And if something NEW pops up, they'll blend this NEW thing into their existing belief system.

The underlying idea is that our reality around us CREATES our belief systems.

When in many cases it's the other way around.

Imagine a guy who is really shy and nervous.

He has a belief that women think he is disgusting.

This makes him feel like crap.

And every time he talks to a woman, he sends out "creep vibes."

This creep vibes are from his belief about himself.

And these creep vibes CREATE the rejection he fears.

However, he thinks this is PROOF that his beliefs are correct.

When in reality, it's his beliefs that CREATE his reality.

The problem with this is how the heck do you change your beliefs when you have no experiences with anything else?

If we humans could just rewrite our beliefs at will, life would be MUCH easier.

So most of us don't bother.

We just assume things about the world.

Many people don't even acknowledge that the world behaves like we TELL it to.

Nobody can tell much about you.

So they have to use YOUR interpretation of you as a guide.

If you think you suck, they'll think you suck.

Of course, nobody walks up and says, "Hi! I suck!"

We project that with our frame.

If you have a weak frame, it's interpreted by others before you even open your mouth.

If you have a strong frame, it's interpreted by others before you even open your mouth.

A good way to describe your frame is the sum total of your beliefs regarding your value.

If you believe you don't provide much value, nobody else will.

If you believe you provide TONS of value, everybody else will.

But this belief has to be true in ALL LEVELS.

It's common to have strong beliefs about yourself at the conscious level, but very weak beliefs at the subconscious level.

These subconscious beliefs are the ones that make up your frame.

Luckily, there's a pretty easy way to change them.

To systematically build up a MASSIVE frame, just like you could build muscles.

Learn How:


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