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There is a very common idea in plenty of "self development" books.

And that is by only filling your head with different ideas, things will magically become easier.

This is popular because it's very compelling.

All of us would LOVE to be able to make more money, have more sex, lose weight by only THINKING differently.

So plenty of books and courses are written with this type of consumer in mind.

People that like to read and fantasize about a better future.

But are unwilling to actually change their behavior.

One way to see what people believe is to watch their behavior.

For example, imagine if you studied a typical follower of any famous "guru."

They spend thousands and go to their seminars.

They buy all the courses and books.

But in their regular day to day life, their behavior is the same.

Sure, the labels they give to what they are doing makes it SEEM like they are working on "self improvement."

But their behaviors aren't much different that somebody who is a groupie to a rock band.

Follow them around the country.

Attend all their concerts.

Buy all the CD's.

It's funny how people think of "self development."

This is generally any type of social skills, dating skills or money skills.

It SOUNDS like "self development" but it LOOKS like groupie behavior.

Which, of course, is totally fine.

People spend their money and time any way they like.

But it is helpful to understand what you REALLY want.

Most people fall into the "guru" trap because it FEELS like progress, but it's really entertainment.

Every time they go to another seminar, it's slightly different, so from a consumer standpoint, it feels like they are learning things.

This is why all the gurus have varying levels of seminars.

All the way from the few hundred dollar introductory levels all the way up to the several thousand dollar "inner circle" types.

But again, if you've got the cash and the time, why not?

Nobody ever spends their money consistently on something unless THEY feel they are getting their money's worth.

Since everything is subjective, nobody really has any right to question somebody else's financial decisions.

However, if you REALLY want to change your behavior, it's really, really easy.

You simply treat ANY new behavior like you would learn any "non-self-development" behavior.

If you wanted to learn how to play the piano, you'd practice a few minutes a day.

Not until your piano playing skills were "permanent."

You would realize instinctively that the MORE you practice, the BETTER you'd become.

Apply this simple, common sense thinking to ANY behavior, and the same rules apply.

The more you practice, the better you'll become.

One POWERFUL thing to practice is your frame strength and verbal skills.

These will take you VERY FAR.

Get Started:


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