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There's a lot of cool exercises you do in NLP seminars.

One is a lie detector test.

First you get a partner, then you calibrate each other.

Each person tells three truths, and three lies.

Everybody has a collection of "tells" that they give off when they are lying.

Telling the truth is easy.

So when people tell the truth, we are very congruent.

When we tell a lie, we are incongruent.


We all have a collection of instincts that allow us to sniff out social cheaters.

So when we are purposely lying, we are aware that the person we are lying to has those instincts.

That causes fear and uncertainty.

All that "energy" that we use to "look" normal is what causes the tells.

And during this exercise, when you and other person KNOW you are lying, the other person can calibrate your tells.

Then once you're each calibrated, you play the game.

You ask each other questions.

And sometimes you lie to each other, sometimes you tell the truth.

But once you've calibrated, it's spooky accurate how well you can tell your partner is lying.

This is EXACTLY why professional poker players are VERY CAREFUL about giving on any signals.

They usually wear hats and glasses.

The thing is, though, that we are ALWAYS communication.

Even if you're just sitting there, watching people, you are giving off TONS of information.

Everybody is doing this all the time.

And everybody has tons of stuff we're worried about all the time.

And everybody has a lot of conflicted ideas about being in social situations.

Except when we see somebody that is TOTALLY congruent.

Some that has very LITTLE inner conflict, both consciously and subconsciously.

They stand out like a beacon.

They are VERY ATTRACTIVE to a whole bunch of different people.

Men, women, old people, little kids.

These the natural leaders.

The natural "go to" people when there are sudden problems.

The folks with MASSIVELY strong frames.

How do you get one of these massively strong frames?


All you have to do is identify and eliminate all your inner conflicts.

You can do this all by yourself.

Doing these is like doing pushups.

If you try a couple pushups once, it won't do squat.

But if you do pushups every day for a few months, you'll be VERY STRONG.

The same goes with these frame building exercises.

Do them everyday, and pretty soon you'll have a strong and VERY attractive frame.

Get Started:


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