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Human fears are part of a very useful system.

Unfortunately, like most of our instincts, they aren't so helpful anymore.

Hunger is the easiest to understand.

Way back in the day, always being hungry was a survival benefit.

Not just being hungry.

But eating as much as you could.

We all have the experience of not thinking we're hungry, but then we take a couple of bites of something and then we can't stop.

This is easy to understand from an instinctive standpoint.

Whenever food was available, it made sense to eat as much as possible, so we could store the extra energy.

This happened without us having to think about it.

So when you don't really feel hungry, and you take a bite, your "energy storage system" sends a signal that makes us store as much energy as possible.

Of course, this system was calibrated when food was very hard to get.

Now it's everywhere.

And most people are overweight as a result of ancient instincts being surrounded by an abundance of food.

Another useful instinct is fear.

A modern "truism" is "most of my fears never happen."

Most people tend to think of this as silly humans being afraid of things that don't exist.

But in reality, being OVER-AFRAID was also a very useful survival trait.

Way back in the days of hunter gathers, being afraid and running away, even if there was only a ten percent chance of the fear being real, was very useful.

Because all it takes is to be wrong once, get eaten, and you won't live long enough to pass on your genes.

Consequently, the people who passed on their genes were the ones who ran away from POTENTIAL danger the quickest.

Unfortunately, just like our hunger instinct, our environment is VERY DIFFERENT than it was long ago.

Most fears today are social fears.

They are much more complicated.

Back then, we saw something yellow moving, and figured it could be a tiger.

Most of the time, it was a yellow flower, or something else.

But the fear response to REAL physical threats was very quick.

Since modern fear responses are usually in social situations (any time when we imagine talking to somebody) they take a while to build up.

This means that social fears are the EASIEST to re-wire.

Because the opposite of social fear is social success.

This means love, money, sex, and plenty of other good stuff.

In the moment, all we can imagine is the bad stuff.

But once you rewire just a few of those social fears, you'll start to automatically imagine the good stuff.

Which will not just eradicate the fears, but make you feel the opposite.

Meaning when you imagine any potential social interaction, you'll feel POSITIVELY compelled to take advantage of it.

Learn How:


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