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How To Build Infinite Frame Strength


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Voltaire is famous for saying, "Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I'll bed the queen of France."

Humans have been around for a long, long time.

But spoken language for only a little bit.

Written language even less.

But communication is as ancient as the hills.

Crows caw at each other, and the frequency of the caws are important.

Slow, drawn out caws mean one thing.

Quick caws in succession mean something else entirely.

If you were hiking through the jungle, and you happened across a silverback gorilla, you'd know what to do.

You wouldn't fight him.

You wouldn't run.

You would instinctively lower your eyes and become as passive as possible.

Even if you're hiking in the local mountains and you see a wild animal, you would know instantly that making any sudden moves is not a good idea.

This means that we know intuitively exactly how to communicate with a wide range of non-human animals.

It may seem silly to see standing frozen and quiet as communication, but it is intended to convey a message to the receiver.

More importantly, that "message" is hopefully going to create a specific outcome.

In the case of the gorilla or the other wild animal, the desired outcome is not to be killed or eaten.

All communication is essentially the same thing.

We see another "animal" (usually another human) and we INSTANTLY have an idea of what we would like THEM to do.

And we come up with our best "guess" of how to make that happen.

The problems start when we humans assume that outcome is mostly dependent on the words we use.

But words are largely irrelevant.

One way to see this is when they do studies on humans.

They put us into groups.

And we ALWAYS form hierarchies.

Quickly and subconsciously.

Everywhere we go, we form hierarchies.

Consider that we humans are ALWAYS doing that.

Sending and interpreting signals.

Unconscious, non-verbal signals.

So we always know where we stand in the social hierarchy.

This means we've got good news and bad news.

The BAD news is most of the time, before you even open your mouth, all the other people in the room, including you, have already determined WHERE you are on the social hierarchy.

This is highly correlated to your frame strength.

The stronger your frame, the higher you are.

And vice versa.

So if you see a cute person across the room, before you even make your way across, he or she has ALREADY DECIDED on your frame strength.

You've made a first impression before you even open your mouth.

Now the good news.

The REALLY good news.

There are some simple exercises you can do in the safety of your own home (and your own mind) that will consistently IMPROVE your frame strength.

And just like physical exercises, the more you do, the stronger you'll get.

Learn More:


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