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Are You A Taker Or A Maker?


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There is a very critical transition that humans need to make.

This has nothing to do with culture or politics or any kind of metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

This is based purely on biology and mathematics.

Societies need stuff.

They need a certain number of people to make that stuff.

Doesn't matter if the society is filled with 100,000,000,000 people or 100 people.

Every human needs a certain amount of energy in the forms of calories, and energy in other forms.

Electrical, gas powered, solar, etc.

We need food to live, and we need energy to power our stuff.

Even ancient cavemen had these constraints.

Calories to live, and heat to keep warm and keep away the predators.

A certain consumption of food-energy inside their bodies, and a certain consumption of heat-energy outside their bodies.

Whether you've got a group of caveman, or a massively modern society, this energy doesn't just fall out of the sky.

It needs to be produced.

By people.

And when it comes to the bare bones necessities, you can separate people into two categories.

Producers and consumers.

Based on pure math, you need a bare minimum of stuff (food, energy, materials) to run a society.

The fewer people that are producing this stuff, the harder it will be to maintain this society.

One of the deadliest mind-viruses that can literally KILL any society is, "it's not my responsibility to produce stuff. It's somebody else's responsibility."

The reason this is a DEADLY mind-virus has nothing to do with politics, or demographics, or religion or any type of ideology.

It's deadly because of pure math.

Because if you ever get to point where NOT ENOUGH people are "producing" and TOO MANY people are consuming, it's game over.

Imagine a tribe of cave people who ALL decided it wasn't "their job" to go out hunting.

So nobody hunted.

As you can guess, these dudes wouldn't live very long.

Today is no different.

Fundamentally, you can be a producer, or you can be a consumer.

Most people are a little of both.

But most people consume MORE than they produce.

This is equally deadly.

Luckily, humans are not naturally lazy.

We are driven to produce.

To compete to see WHO can produce the most.

Who can kill the biggest animal.

THIS is human nature.

For many, it's been hammered to sleep.

Through our hopeless educational system, endless crap on TV and social media, but it's there.

And when you wake it up, your life will transform.

This is the HUMAN drive that has created EVERYTHING.

Fire Yours Up:



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