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Humans are hard wired to "rise to the occasion."

But only when we absolutely have to.

In a way, we are very paradoxical creatures.

We are best when we're pushed up against the wall.

We dig deep, we think the most creatively, we act the most resourcefully.

This is why "necessity is the mother of invention."

The idea that you can just sit around and think up genius ideas really isn't possible.

At least not for many.

If you did do that, you would have to consciously PUSH yourself.

This is the real difference between geniuses and non-geniuses.

We ALL have the capacity to think genius level thoughts.

But most of us never NEED to.

Unless our lives never depend on it.

One way to look at the human race is as a scared, lazy people.

We wait until they VERY LAST minute to solve problems.

But when we do, we surprise ourselves.

But the REASON we do is so we can be lazy and scared again.

Which brings us to the paradox.

We spend our lives finding shortcuts, figuring out ways to get more with less.

To stay as safe as possible.

This is when our creativity is at the SMALLEST.

Only when we feel like we are on the brink of death to we suddenly step up and take care of business.

When our laziness and safety is threatened, do we become super genius creators.

And as soon as they danger passes, we slink back down into our comfort zones.

The greatest scientists and geniuses had a peculiar trait.

They didn't wait around for EXTERNAL INCENTIVES to inspire their genius.

They cultivated INNER INCENTIVES.

They built them up so strong they acted like external incentives.

Anybody can respond to external incentives.

That's kind of how we're wired.

Anybody can dig deep when you're facing death.

Few people can dig deep when you're fat and happy.

But if you can find your inner creator, your inner genius, your inner explorer, and be obedient to that one, you will surprise even yourself.

Most people wait until they have no choice.

But if you wait too long, it may be too late.

Catastrophe has a strange tendency to show up when it's least expected.

Like a thief in the night.

You might want to prepare yourself, while others are busy with Netflix and Facebook.

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