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Are You The Grasshopper?


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In many ways, what feels good in the short term is not good in the long term.

Imagine if you got paid in cash.

Once a month.

Spending money feels good.

Consuming whatever you bought with the money feels good.

But if that's all you did, you would be in trouble if ever unexpected problems showed up.

This idea has been around a long time.

One of Aesop's fables is about the grasshopper and the ant.

Winter was coming (another common metaphor) and you had to prepare.

At least if you weren't an idiot.

The grasshopper didn't.

The ant did.

The ant kept telling him to get ready.

But the grasshopper had the "YOLO" strategy.

Live for the moment.

You only live once. (YOLO).

And the grasshopper, as a result, died.

Unfortunately, most modern humans seem to be taking the grasshopper's advice, instead of the ant.

If many people around you are doing something, it will be hard to do the opposite.

If this "socially proofed" thing is also supported by authority, then it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not do the same thing as everybody.

But some time, you gotta take a stand.

Do what's right, instead of what's comfortable and popular.

Think for yourself, instead of going along with the crowd.

What does that entail?

It's different for everybody.

It can take time to even figure out what's right for you.

Since another common thing (social proof) that is recommended (authority) is to let OTHERS decide what is right.

So even coming up with your own plan, let alone following up on it, is going against the grain.

But when winter eventually comes (metaphorically) there's only you.

This means something different to everybody.

For some it means saving money, rather than spending it.

For some it may mean cutting back on credit card use.

For some it may mean getting in shape.

But they all have one main thing in common.

Thinking, choosing and behaving in way that builds YOUR future, not somebody else's.

This the great con of modern times.

Everybody's been convinced that everything is somebody else's responsibility.

Which means you'll have to dig deep to find your source of strength.

It's there.

You just need to wake it up.

Learn How:


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