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If you're  fan of the Bible, there's a scene where Jesus throws the "money changers" out of the temple.

You don't really need to be religious or a Christian to understand the implications of the scene.

Even if you see religious stories as purely metaphorical, this is a powerful scene.

Since the character (or person or whoever you think about Jesus) is a religious type.

Talking about turning the other cheek.

Loving your neighbor as yourself.

A generally peaceful kind of dude.

And when he throws the money changers out of the temple, it's the ONLY time in the Bible Jesus gets pissed.

Turns over their tables, screams at them, etc.

Why so angry, Jesus?

And what exactly do they mean by money "changers" anyway?

Why get so angry about a bunch of dudes that are just "changing" money?

Are they like the machine in the game center? Put in a dollar and get some game tokens?

Not at all.

See, back in those days, lending money and collecting interest was forbidden by many governments.

They understood that if you lent somebody a hundred bucks, and expected a hundred and ten bucks back after a year or so, eventually you'd run out of money.

Meaning the guys who LENT money to people, and expected to get MORE money back, would eventually have ALL the money.

Way back in the day there was a group of guys called the Knight's Templar.

Depending on your beliefs, these might have been the good guys, or they might have been the bad guys.

But one thing they DID do was loan money.

In particular to the Pope, and the King of France.

And both the Pope and the King of France ended up owning these guys a TON.

Way more than they could ever pay back.

So the Pope, and the King of France not only outlawed the Knights Templar, but they rounded them up and killed them.

Or at least most of them.

The idea of loaning money and expecting interest when it's paid back has ALWAYS been a HUGE problem in every society.

Anyhow, back to those money "changers" that Jesus got so angry at.

Because at the time lending money at interest was illegal, these "money changers" were very clever.

They would loan money in one currency, and take payment in another.

They would still earn interest, but they wouldn't call it interest.

They would call it a currency exchange fee.

This is why they were called "money changers."

They loaned money in currency X, and got paid back in currency Y.

But currency Y was worth currency X PLUS interest.

But they called it an exchange fee.

Jesus knew this.

So did everybody else.

This is why the ONLY TIME Jesus got angry in the Bible was at these clever money lenders.

Today, going into debt is just as dangerous.

Individually and as a society.

We can't change society.

But you can change yourself.

By taking charge of your life.

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