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Who Are Your Heroes?


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Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling each other stories.

As a studier of story structure, I find it fascinating that TV shows and movies like "Game of Thrones," "Lord of the Rings," and all the hobbit movies have not only the same structure, but the same content, as stories told thousands of years ago.

Structure is easy to see.

Hero's start off being uncertain in some way.

Then they meet some friends, and finally beat the bad guy.

This structure can be applied to almost anything.

A kid going to middle school.

A girl starting her own business.

A guy joining the navy.

But the same content, dragons, wizards, sorcerers, etc., is pretty cool.

That even in our modern age, we still respond to those same character types.

The good wizard vs. the bad wizard.

Plenty of modern stories have elements of magic in them.

All super hero characters can be seen as having some kind of magical powers.

Humans seem to NEED these stories just as much as we need food, sex, and companionship.

They seem to represent the stages of life we go through.

Starting any new endeavor is very close to the classical "hero's journey."

One way these stories support us is how they motivate us to overcome the daily obstacles we face.

Hercules,  Odysseus and Harry Potter all had to go through a bunch of "tests" before they the good stuff.

Just like we do.

At least that's the way it used to be.

Until very recently, if you had a problem, the only response was to dig deep, step up your game and get over the obstacle.

Having a collection of stories and mythical heroes in mind made this easier.

But today, that is not the only response.

Plenty of people have been convinced that whenever they have a problem, it's somebody ELSE'S responsibility to fix.

The obvious question is what happens if EVERYBODY uses that strategy.

What happens if we have a HUGE society-wide problem, and all everybody can do is wait for SOMEBODY ELSE to come and fix it?

That's not a good situation to be in.

But it seems to be the way we are heading.

Individually, we can choose to go along with it.

To brush up on our, "it's not my responsibility" response.

Or we can do what humans have done since the dawn of time.

Dig deep, suck it up, and face the enemy.

Just like the heroes of the past.

You've got the hero instinct within you.

Find It:



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