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Why Success Is Half The Story


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Imagine if you had a web page.

And the web page was a sales page.

And you decided to do some split testing.

Meaning that you would tweak something, and compare it to the original.

This is also called "A-B" testing.

You've got version A, and version B.

You run each one and keep the winner, and ditch the loser.

Let's say you did this every day for a few years.

Meaning you ran several hundred A-B tests.

Eventually, you would have a VERY high converting sales page.

If any B version didn't do better, you'd ditch it.

But if B version DID do better, you'd keep it.

So you could ONLY increase the success of your web page.

Now for the million dollar question.

Suppose somebody came along, and wanted to STUDY your web page.

The one that was doing VERY WELL after a few hundred split tests.

And they asked, "Why is this page doing so well?"

The ONLY answer would be,

"I don't really know."

Because you WOULDN'T know.

All you would know is you kept trying random things, tweaking this font, changing that color, putting in a slightly different image.

This is one of the DEEP PROBLEMS of studying success.

We really have NO IDEA why things are successful.

Sure, people could look at your winning web page, and guess, but it would only be a guess.

This is why copying others who are successful is ONLY a starting point.

The REAL ingredient to ANY success is trial and error.

Every A-B test was a trial and error.

Try something, and see if it works.

If it works, keep it.

If it doesn't work, try something else.

This simple concept is the VITAL ingredient to ANY success.

Unfortunately, this simple idea has been more or less BRAINWASHED out of the population.

TV tells us if we feel bad, we should ask our doctor for a pill.

Our politicians tell us that if something is wrong, it's somebody else's fault.

Even schools try and convince us that all we need to do is show up and be our special selves and get our special reward for just being special.

And that EVERYBODY is above average.

Now, WHY would somebody want to do that?

Why would somebody want to take away the MAIN REASON for success?

Maybe they don't want competition?

Maybe it's easier on THEM if we are all passive and obedient?

Lucky for us, that trial and error learning is EXACTLY what it means to be human.

To crave experiences.

Learning experiences.

When we keep trying new things, and see what works.

This will take a while of getting used to, but once you fire up this ancient drive, you will feel on purpose.

Get Started:


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