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Successfully quit smoking after a long battle


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How are you all ?


Ok its been 5 weeks now and I can truly say now , after smoking 35 years, attempting to quit over a million times and failed,  My mind set has changed, and that is what had to happen... I can easily say now, that I feel different about it. I struggled so hard to quit, I thought I was doomed...


Ok so I knuckled down and made a playlist and listened to it 3 times a day , and repeat playlist during my sleep for nearly 2 months. My playlist I used was quit smoking, Universal breath, Inner Child


I found Universal Breath very empowering, as it took me too a place I'd never been down and I was drawn towards practicing Meditation and mindful breathing.


The Inner Child one was helpful in treating myself as I would a small child, so I had to learn to love myself. care for myself and nurture myself.


So I then could see how smoking was a self punishment,  and I was cutting off the life force because of guilt, anger. , Unworthiness. blame.


So it ends up I go through this amazing transformation, only to realize 99 % of my anxieties and life's problems would be fixed by simply quitting smoking.


 The videos really affected me, not just an easy process like I set out to do. it opened a whole other can of worms, which is great, cause there's usually an underlying cause for issues, that need to be resolved first before real healing can take place...  So here's to being guilt free and smoke free .. Cheers :rolleyes:

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Toriangel that is fantastic.



It's weird how you said that about it not necessarily being an easy process because I can relate to that a bit.

There is a certain video here that when I listened to it either the first or second time I actually felt nauseous, sick, queazy.  But I knew this time it was not a sign that the video was not working or a coincidence, but part of me going no, no, I don't WANT to change.  And as you say there are reasons why maybe some I don't even know yet.  The third/fourth time I felt myself going nope nope, not ready for this yet.

Maybe I am not maybe it is just resistance.  Cos I DEFINITELY want it, even if I don't know when. I shall persevere and explore further!  And see what other videos can help. 

But hmmmm, interesting!


That is definitely a success story to quit smoking after all that time and so pleased for you!

Lots of benefits to doing this.

I love these videos so much and everything here.  I want to explore it much more and I will and I am just so thrilled I found out about it.  


So happy to read this, happy for you! 

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