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Do You Like Eating Grass?


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One cool thing about studying linguistics is finding all the interesting connections built into language.

Like if you're a fan of the Hunger Games, you know it takes place in a country called Panem.

That name, "Panem," is significant.

As the Roman Empire was collapsing, they had to do certain things to keep the riff-raff from revolving.

This is one of the main reasons behind the gladiator fights.

They figured if they showed the common folks some bloody battles up close, these common folks wouldn't cause problems for the government.

If you've watched the Spartacus show, (especially the first season) there's plenty of close ups of these riff-raff types being entertained by the gladiators killing each other.

The Romans actually had a name for this policy.

Where they would provide free entertainment and food to the masses, so they wouldn't notice their empire was decaying.

The called this policy "Bread and Circuses."

Of course, they didn't speak English in Rome, they spoke Latin.

And in Latin, that policy is pronounced "Panem et circenses."

And "Panem," means bread.

It's also the name of Hunger Games country.

Which is essentially the same plot of the hunger games.

Poor people bashing each other's heads in to entertain the elites.

Funny thing is Panem still means "bread" in many countries that have Latin influence on their language.

Like Portugal.

And when the Portuguese first visited Japan way back in the day, it was the first time the Japanese had seen bread.

So they called it what the Portuguese called it. 


Kind of like how we call Karate Karate, since there's no word for it in English.

So today, all over Japan, when people eat bread, they call it Pan.

Also in Japan is the idea of an "herbivore man."

The kind of guy who doesn't date, doesn't eat meat, doesn't like typical guy stuff like cars and clothes and girls.

And in the West, many people are noticing similarities to the "bread and circuses" policy of the decaying Roman empire.

Free stuff, plenty of entertainment to keep your mind off the real issues.

What ARE the real issues?

They are whatever you want them to be.

If you want to live the life of an herbivore man, that's your call.

If you want much more, that's also your call.

Consider that we humans have a "nature."

Personally, I don't believe humans, in general, were meant to be herbivores.

We were meant to be hunters.




Not grass eaters.

You can choose to be the gladiator, or you can choose to be the spectator.

Or you can choose to be something else entirely.

Learn More:


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