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Long ago, humans didn't have to motivate themselves.

They did, but to get their most basic needs met.

They were largely regulated by their environment.

Getting food was difficult and dangerous.

Maintaining relationships was necessary.

Authority and social proof worked in everybody's favor.

It kept couples together, and it spurred people to their best.

Everybody was on the same page.

Nobody needed to find their motivation.

It was always there. Pushing them.

Last couple hundred years, everything changed.

Food is easy to get.

Relationships are optional.

They are not necessary for survival like they used to be.

Social proof and authority work against us in many ways.

This means all the external incentives that kept us on purpose are gone.

And all we have are our own internal incentives.

And for most people, this only means do whatever feels good.

Do what makes sense right now.

If we have to think too much, or work too hard, or take any risks, we act like this is an abomination.

A violation of our "human rights."

As if we have a "right" to never have to work, or live beneath our means, or take any responsibility for our lives.

Those that are in charge LOVE this.

We offer little resistance.

We plop down in front of the TV and are brainwashed to believe what we are told without any critical thinking.

This is dangerous for everybody.

Sure, as long as you are getting fed and entertained, it is fantastic.

But if you ever want to venture outside of your comfort zone, it's TERRIFYING.

But consider this a fundamental human skill.

To take small risks, to take responsibility for your life, and to be in charge of what happens to you.

Any politician that recommended this would be booted out of office.

Which is why they promise the opposite.

But if you want to live a life that's not average, you've got to practice certain skills.

Self responsibility.

Critical thinking.

The ability to slowly expand your comfort zone to encompass new and interesting ideas.

Not ideas other people tell you to consider.

But ideas you discover on your own.

The more of these original ideas you've got in your brain, the more resourceful you'll feel.

But very few people other than you will benefit from you having original ideas in your brain.

Which means if you don't get out there and find them, nobody's going to give them you.

This is the secret of living your life on your terms.

Finding your own ideas, considering them according to your own criteria, and living your own life.

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