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We humans are curious creatures.

We have a complex mix of instincts and learning ability.

Once we learn something, it feels just like an instinct.

This was famously shown in the movie, "Karate Kid."

By training certain movements over and over, they became instinctive.

We can train our thinking to be instinctive as well.

Humans are natural learners.

Due to our curious evolutionary history, we are born WAY before we are fully formed.

This means human children are EXTREMELY resource intensive.

And due to the way we split along gender lines according to productivity, this more or less is why men and women are different on a fundamental level.

Men hunt, women gather.

Women can gather at the same time they can watch the kids.

Or carry them around for a couple of years.

Way back in the day, when women had kids, they are on call 24/7.

And since humans lived this way for a LONG TIME (tens of thousands of years) these instincts still echo in our modern lives.

It is also the source of friction (and has been) between the sexes.

When it comes to our instincts, you can run, but you can't hide.

This is easy when thinking of the hunger instinct.

Few people succeed on the willpower diet.

When our hunger instinct decides its hungry, IT doesn't care at all what you want.

This is why the majority of people in modern society are overweight or obese.

As much as we pretend we are advanced logicians and thinkers, we CANNOT ignore our instincts for long.

As as much as modern academics will pretend otherwise, male and female instincts are different.

And when they are out of whack, problems aren't far behind.

Today, they are out of whack.

Of course, nobody can fix things society wide.

Despite how much politicians pretend otherwise.

But we CAN fix our own lives.

Contrary to our hunger instinct, you CAN ignore your male instincts.

For a LONG time.

But that's not a good idea.

It may seem so in the short term, but it is DISASTROUS in the long term.

Learn Why:



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