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Rhyming History Is Coming


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Mark Twain famously said history doesn't repeat, but it sure rhymes.

There are plenty of theories that say history it's not a linear progression, that it is a cycle.

A Russian dude named Kondratiev came up with these cyclical waves.

That history more or less runs in cycles over 70 years or so.

Another couple of guys, Strauss and Howe, came up with a similar idea.

They tracked European history going back several hundred years.

They are the ones that coined the term "millennial" to describe a certain generation.

Their theory is there are four "archetype" generations.

Each sub-cycle is twenty years.

Baby boomers, generation X, millennials and generation Z.

Their theory is that every 80 years, when the cycle of four generational archetypes repeat, there is major turmoil.

This coincides with the revolutionary war, civil war, world war II and...

We're about due for another cataclysmic event.

(It's not helpful that the newest generations is called Z!)

A common movement today (among many) is the MGTOW movement.

Men going their own way.

In some respects, it makes perfect sense.

From a pure cost-benefit analysis.

Once any entity starts getting diminishing returns on their effort, you need another strategy.

Now, some see the MGTOW as a new idea.

But there was another one a LONG time ago.

And this group of original men going their own way created MASSIVE CHANGES in society.

Changes that we still live with today.

This is kind of what happens when you have long game players vs. short game players.

Short game players keep winning battles.

Because that's all they can see.

But long game players, if they are patient, will win the war.

And we STILL are living under the societal effects of these original MGTOW guys from WAY back in the day.

Understanding the mechanics way back then, and how they strongly RHYME with the mechanics today will help you create a personal strategy.

Of how to respond to our current shifting society.

Because when a lot of different theories all say we're due for a major change, you might want to get busy planning.

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