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Many successful people are lucky.

In that they are born with a certain set of skills.

But more importantly, they are lucky to be born with a certain collection of external incentives.

Incentives that recognized those skills.

For example, imagine a guy who worked on a farm in the 1600's.

Imagine if he had world class baseball skills.

Chances are, nobody would know.

He might be exceptionally good at certain farming tasks.

That might make him a slightly better farmer than most, but that's about it.

For a guy to make a killing as a pro athlete, he's got to be born with the right skills at the right time.

But critically, with the right support system.

Teachers, coaches, parents, and the right neighborhood where exceptional athletic skills would be recognized and appreciated.

Many business people are the same way.

They are born at the right time, with the right set of skills, surrounded by the right people.

Think that Zuckerberg or Gates or Buffet would be rich if they lived 500 years ago?

Not likely.

So, if you aren't lucky and successful, then what?

Very few people choose at an early age to be successful the way they are successful.

It's generally a combination of internal gifts that are cultivated by external circumstances.

But this doesn't meant it's the ONLY way.

This is the cool thing about living in a globally connected economy.

There are tons of skills you can LEARN that propel you to success.

And many of the necessary mindsets can be cultivated.

Most people just show up with their mindset, their skills and hope for the best.

But you can easily shift your mindset depending on what kind of life you want.

Since this isn't very popular, or isn't taught in school, most people don't even know of the possibility.

But it is very real.

All you need is a few minutes every day, and you can start shifting your mind however you like.

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