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One of the cool language patterns from NLP is the sleight of mouth patterns.

The idea being that you can hear an "objection" and then overcome it with linguistic wizardry.

Sell more stuff, get more dates, have more fun.

But the concept itself is pretty powerful.

And that concept is that any idea isn't set in stone.

After all, Marcus Aurelius, a bad ass Roman orator, said over two thousand years ago that, "All is opinion."

Meaning any idea we have is not a fact.

Just an opinion.

Which means any thought we have, is a temporary "snapshot" of our reality.

Both within us an outside of us.

And since all is "opinion," and opinions can change, we can literally build and hold any idea we want.

I used to think sushi was disgusting.

Raw fish?

Gross! Who would want to eat raw fish?

Until a buddy of mine reframed it.

"No, dude, it's cool. Just imagine eating a really rare steak."

Just like that.

My idea of "sushi is gross" turned into "sushi is delicious" in less than a minute.

Our heads are FILLED with ideas like "sushi is gross" that we NEVER question.

We just accept them as fact.

When I was in high school I worked at a pizza place.

The thing about pizza is you can get it with whatever you want on it.

Few food fast food items are like this.

Imagine walking into a burger place and saying, "Yeah, I'd like a medium cheeseburger with bacon, tomatoes and olives."

Most places you get what you get.

But pizza?

You can get any combo you want.

Even half something and half something else if you've got a couple picky eaters on your team.

Why not treat our brains like that?

"Let's see, today I'd like to be outgoing, clever and witty."

Or maybe if you were going on first date, you could choose to be, "romantic, seductive and irresistibly attractive."

If you were taking an important test, you could decide to be "a genius with  a rapid steel trap memory."

Why not?

It will certainly take practice.

But if you decided to learn how to play tennis, you could eventually play tennis.

Why not spend some time learning how to "be" however you want?

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