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There is a lot of interesting correlations between variables.

Even while most of us will agree that "correlation doesn't mean causation," we think so intuitively.

In fact, you might consider the idea that we ONLY say "correlation doesn't mean causation" when we hear an idea we DON'T like.

It's something that happens on a subconscious level.

Evolutionary psychologists tell us that it was one of the things that made our brains faster.

And in the early days of evolution, fast brains were better than slow brains.

You can built a machine for speed, or you can build for efficiency, but not both.

They've done studies in kids as young as six months, and they tend to assume causation.

It's the reason behind the magic word, "because."

It's also the glue that makes any "cause effect" language seem more logical than it really is.

The more you read this sentence, the more you'll think of baking me a cake.


I'll bet you weren't thinking of baking me a cake until now!

If you are a scientist, and you find an interesting connections between a couple of previously unrelated variables, AND you can do further experiments to demonstrate WHY they are connected, you get a Nobel Prize.

Because PROVING causality is actually pretty rare.

Six million years ago, we split from chimps.

And here we are.

If you sat down with a chimp, you wouldn't have a very fulfilling conversation.

If you tried to play cards or video games with your chimp friend, you wouldn't get very far.

Yet somewhere along the line, (after we split from chimps) we humans started thinking differently.

We learned how to talk.

How to imagine strange things and put words to those strange things, so other people could imagine the same strange things we were imagining.

Yet our amazing brain skills are rarely used.

Most of us are content to let others do our thinking for us.

To let others come up with those imaginary ideas.

We are even too lazy to think while somebody describes them in words.

Spoken or written.

We have to watch shows where actors pretend to be other people and act out these strange stories.

Mark Twain once said the difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read is nothing.

What's the difference between a primate who CAN'T think (chimp) and one who DOESN'T think (netflix-watching-human)?

Look inside your brain and see what's there.

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