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No Need For Plunder


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The idea of insurance has been around a long time.

It actually started way back in the day of empires.

When dudes on ships would sail around the world looking for plunder.

The guys who would finance these expeditions were "underwriters."

Today that's an insurance term, but it comes from the fact that big money men would WRITE the names of their companies UNDER the ships.

So everybody would know who the backers were.

The idea was they would finance the mission.

Pay for the losses if the ship sank.

And get a portion of the plunder if they came back alive.

Otherwise, nobody would pony up all the money needed to buy all the supplies for the mission in the first place.

Of course today, insurance is a much less violent institution.

Quite the opposite.

It intends to protect against potential mishaps.

The mitigation of risk.

Humans naturally abhor risk.

Anything that seems risky is automatically given a pass.

This was perfect back in the day when tigers were hiding behind every rock.

Guys that were extra careful lived a lot longer, and passed on those extra careful genes, than careless dudes who went always went charging ahead.

Today, however, that "aversion to risk" gene gets fired WAY too often.

Social fears FEEL the same as REAL risk.

But nobody's going to punch you in the face if you try to chat them up.

Even door to doors sales, or cold calling, or any other sales, feels terrifying.

But rationally, somebody yelling at you over the phone isn't dangerous at all.

Sound waves coming from somebody you'll never see or hear from again.

Rationally safe, but emotionally terrifying.

Luckily, there are plenty of mental exercises to re-wire what you think of as scary.

It's GOOD to be scared of snakes and lions and falling off cliffs.

It's NOT GOOD to be scared of sexy people who smile at you.

Or people who can give you a handful of money if you convince them your product is worth buying.

Once you learn how to re-wire your fear response, life can be a lot easier.

And more rewarding.

Learn How:


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