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Do You Really Control Your Brain?


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The Milgram Experiment showed how vulnerable we are to authority.

A scientist in a lab coat told a person to give another person electric shocks.

Part of a "memory test."

The person receiving the shocks weren't really getting shocked.

They were only pretending.

The REAL study was to see how high of a shock the giver would give.

Turns out people gave WAY more shocks that the researchers anticipated.

Enough to kill somebody.

All because a dude in a lab coat (an authority figure) said it was OK.

And not just SOME people.

MOST people.

They've repeated this experiment several times with the same results.

This means that most of US (you and me) will voluntarily turn our brains off if an authority figure tells us to.

Another troubling experiment is the Asch experiment.

Put a guy in a room and show him two cards.

One with one line, another with a bunch of lines.

The task is to match the one line to a line of the same length on the other card (the one with three lines).

Super easy, right?

So far so good.

Except then they put the same guy in a room with a bunch of other people.

And those other people PURPOSELY choose the WRONG line.

They want to see what happens when something that is EASY (matching line lengths) is done in a crowd who choose the wrong answer.

And most people go along with the crowd.

Even though they KNEW (inside) it was WRONG.

They asked them why after.

Why they chose what the knew was the WRONG answer.

Their answers to that question was all over the place.

But they all sounded similar.

"I knew it was wrong, but for some reason I decided going along with what everybody else was doing was the right thing to do."

These two studies show some pretty uncomfortable results.

That when you put a normal human under an authority figure, or with a bunch of other people, most of us simply CANNOT think for ourselves.

We either go along with the authority figure.

Or we go along with the crowd.

If BOTH the authority and crowd are together?

It's even HARDER to resist.

But you can.

If you WANT to.

If you CHOOSE to.

But if you wait until the authority and the crowd tells you do something, it's too late.

Your brain is a muscle.

The more you EXERCISE your muscle, the easier you'll be able to resist the crowd and authority.

IF and WHEN you want to.

How do you exercise your brain muscle?

Like This:


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