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Do You Have The Meta Skill?


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There are skills and meta skills

Individual skills are virtually infinite.

For example, if you wanted to be a "skilled" computer programmer, you would never be finished.

Every time a new language came out, you'd have to learn it.

Same with every other technology based skill.

But even non-technology bases skills are virtually infinite.

Take storytelling for example.

Storytelling has been going on before recorded history.

All you need is spoken language.

Being the head storyteller of any ancient village or tribe would be a respected tradition.

If you are the one talking, and most everybody else is listening, AND you are carefully helping them create imaginary stories, that's a pretty good position to be in.

So it stands to reason there would always be guys and gals "trying out" for the "head storyteller" position.

A never ending competition of sorts.

And every time you have competition, you have creativity.

Everybody tries to outdo everybody else.

This is the engine behind human growth and invention.

Whether the rewards are monetary or not, it's human nature to try and "outdo" each other.

Which means ANY skill you intend to learn will be a lifelong process.

Luckily, we humans LOVE learning things.

We love the feeling of being better today than we were yesterday.

In our hearts, we are nomads.

Never content to sit still.

If we aren't moving physically, we need to be moving intellectually, spiritually, romantically.

And continuously learning or improving upon skills is a great way to do that.

But among all the skills, there is a META skill.

One skill that supersedes all the other skills.

Having this meta skill will make life MUCH MORE enjoyable.

Not having this skill can make life miserable and pointless.

What IS this skill?

The self-responsibility to CHOOSE which skill to pursue.

Many people don't do this.

They choose skills their bosses want the to learn.

Or they want to look good to their friends.

Or they want to make their spouse happy.

These are all fine, but if you don't have ANY skills you are learning just for YOU, you run the risk of living your life ONLY for other people.

And plenty of people are very good at sniffing out people like that (who only live for others) and taking advantage of that.

But so long as you've got at least ONE skill you are learning for YOUR OWN reasons, you're good.

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