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Imagine a high school sports team, any sport, that never practiced.

Maybe they had try-outs, and the coach chose all the players.

The next time they got together was on game day.

Maybe the coach would email them their positions the day before.

Clearly, they would get destroyed.

Most teams practice 95% of the time, and spend 5% on actual game time.

And if you take into account all the practice the players do individually, the ration (practice:playing) is even bigger.

Imagine if you knew you had to give a piano recital.

But you'd never played the piano before.

And suppose you'd figure you'd watch a few videos on YouTube of people playing the piano.

And the first time you actually played was when you sat down at the recital.

In front of all your friends, family, and colleagues.

Of course, no normal human would EVER do this unless it was some kind of prank.

We KNOW that before important events, we should practice.

Except we rarely do.

We somehow imagine that talking to people, going on job interviews, having difficult discussions with our relationship partners is something we should just DO without EVER needing to practice.

Sure, we see people in the movies practicing in front of the mirror, but even those characters only do it once or twice.

Doesn't matter WHAT you are doing, the more you practice, the easier it will be.

Most people would never consider going on practice job interviews.

But why not?

Suppose you were graduating college in a couple years.

Why not make up a name and a resume and apply for as many jobs as you can?

Then practice seeing how far you can BS your way through?

By the time the REAL interviews came around, they'd be easy.

Suppose you wanted to ask out a certain person.

Why not practice asking out a whole bunch of other people before?

The cool thing about practicing is you can do it in your mind.

Not only is it easy, free and private, but you can do ALL KINDS of scenarios.

For example, if you were going on a job interview, why not take an hour or two and write out your MOST FEARED questions?

Then practice answering them.

If you practiced your most feared questions for a week, then the regular interview would be a piece of cake.

Once you get used to the idea of practicing inside your head, the world becomes a pretty fun and exciting place to be.

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