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The Peanut Butter Burger Pattern


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I used to watch this cooking competition show.

It had three famous chefs, and three amateurs.

They would work in teams.

But the trick was they wouldn't know what ingredients they were getting until the show started.

And each team had twenty minutes to make something.

Since these guys were world class chefs, they could mix together some very basic ingredients and come up with some pretty cool stuff.

Most of us, whenever we think about cooking something new, we use a recipe.

I've taken a few cooking classes, and they've always been around recipes.

But at some point, somebody somewhere had to CREATE the recipe.

Meaning they took a bunch of stuff and kept mixing it together in different proportions until they got something pretty cool.

Then they fine tuned it, wrote it all down, and shared it with the world.

Back when they only had books, you might make a decent living working full time to invent new recipes, and then sell your recipe books.

Or maybe you could travel around the world, study other cultures, and then put those recipes in your recipe books.

Of course, today, every possible combination is online somewhere.

Still, you can get creative with how you cook.

When I was younger, I went to a restaurant that specialized in goofy hamburgers.

I got a half "Polar Burger," and a half, "Charlie Brown Burger."

The Charlie Brown half was pretty good. I've made it myself on a few occasions.

It's a regular cheeseburger but with peanut butter. For me, that tastes pretty good.

The Polar Burger, not so much.

A cheeseburger with ice cream.

Got to eat it quick!

With food, there are literally ENDLESS combinations. Sure, many of them will taste gross, but you never know.

Similarly, the thinking patterns in your brain are ENDLESS.

You can combine just a few basic thoughts and come up with some VERY CREATIVE ways of thinking and behaving.

Sure, some of them might be a bit goofy, but some of them might make you a ton of money.

The GoPro guys make kajillions of dollars with an idea of a "camera on a stick."

Since you've got endless thinking potential, theoretically you have ENDLESS billion dollar ideas in your head.

But they aren't going to pop out if you just sit there!

You've got to go looking for them.

Learn How:


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