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Bought Intelligence Accelerator, Suggestion Please

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Hello George,

I had bought Intelligence Accelerator and ChessMaster - Dominate all Opponents recently, my main objective is to improve in chess, can you suggest what is the best way to make the best use these two to get the best and the quickest result in chess. Image streaming seems to be quite cool

Here are my plans and schedule 

1) do image streaming and simultaneously listen to ChessMaster_P.mp3 for about 7hrs a day

2) then play chess in the evening while listening to the free version ChessMaster - Dominate all Opponents 256voices (2-3 hrs)

3) listen to ChessMaster.mp3(seems to contain binaural beats) and simultaneously do image streaming for an hour before sleep.

4) Physical Workouts 


Can you suggest me if there are better ways

Thank You

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Image stream only 5-10 minutes a day.

Listen to chess master only once per day.

Do not do both at once. They are completely separate mental exercises.

Study / play / practice chess for at least 30 min per day.

Every time you listen to chess master it will work better if you memories of more chess experiences in between.

A metaphor would be exercising and eating. If ALL you did was exercise, but never ate or slept, you'd be dead soon.

Similarly, listening to chess master without adding any actual chess experience to your memory banks wouldn't do much.

Also, understand that YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE will be the best guide on how to proceed.

Journal everything you do, and what happens and always be willing to tweak/adjust your schedule / sessions / to continuously optimize results.

Sleep, exercise, also important.


Is the same mistake people make when starting an exercise program. And that is to try too much too soon, get burned out, and then give up.

Build a LIFELONG habit of continuous improvement. Enjoy the journey not the sprint toward the finish line.


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