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How To Do Mental Pushups


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Controlling your own thoughts is a very useful skill.

But it's not something most people believe is a skill.

Most people recognize that their thoughts are prone to drift on their own, sometimes creating unwanted emotions feelings.

Especially when they are contemplating an action with a potential beneficial outcome.

Left unchecked, thoughts will drift toward the worst possible outcome.

People are left wondering why they can't do what seems easy, but impossible at the same time.

The answer lies in building up the ability to control your thoughts.

It's better thought of as a muscle than a trick.

If you'd never done pushups before, watching some gym coach crank out a couple hundred wouldn't help you.

You would have to time the time to practice.

First day you'd do a couple.

Couple days later you'd do a couple more.

We all know this instinctively.

Nobody thinks that they could NEVER do more than a couple pushups.

All humans realize muscles can be increased with practice.

But thinking skills are thought of like "once and done" tricks that we just need to learn once.

But if you treat your thoughts like doing pushups, you'll soon be able to  hold any thought in mind, in any situation.

What would this give you?

Imagine being somewhere where you needed massive confidence.

Job interview, asking out a pretty girl, giving an important speech.

And imagine having such mental strength that you could hold onto confident thought with considerably more strength any negative thoughts fighting for your attention.

Speeches would be easy, and fun.

Talking to strangers would be enjoyable, and exciting.

Going on job interviews would be fantastic, because YOU would be qualifying THEM.

But this isn't magic. 

This isn't about learning any "weird trick."

This takes just as much time, and dedication, as going from two pushups to two hundred pushups.

But with just a couple minutes a day, it's straightforward.

And being able to control your thinking will give you many, many more benefits than doing a couple hundred pushups.

Learn How:


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