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The Myth Of Motivation


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Humans are hard wired to be dependent on external incentives.

If you lived alone, had a lot of money, and wanted to lose a few pounds, it would be difficult.

Especially if you had family and friends who liked you just the way you were.

Having only internal incentives would make it VERY difficult to actually get up off the couch and lose weight.

On the other hand, the same person who joined boot camp would have an easy time getting in shape.

Because there would be plenty of EXTERNAL incentives.

If you didn't get up a the crack of dawn, you'd be in serious trouble.

If you didn't keep up with everybody else, you'd be in serious trouble.

If you've got a lot of decent external incentives, live can be easy.

But if you've ONLY got internal incentives, life CAN be difficult.

Meaning you always have goals but you can't ever seem to get started.

This is why very few people ever achieve any significant success.

Consider this to be one of the key traits of successful people.

Of being obedient to their own internal incentives.

Of NOT NEEDING anything outside of themselves to push them to succeed.

Not having enough motivation is a common problem.

But only because people tend to think they need to start off with an enormous amount.

Luckily, this isn't true.

All you need is one small shift in the direction of your goals.

And once you put this one small shift into practice, it will become part of your daily habit.

The real secret of success is that there isn't "one magic bullet."

The secret is to make small shift in your thinking and behavior.

And as soon as they become part of your routine, make another small shift in your thinking and behavior.

Do this long enough, and your NEW daily thinking and behavior (which is always familiar) will be spectacular.

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