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It's very hard to not get jealous of other people's success.

After all, our mind-body systems still have instincts that are holdovers from way back in the day.

They say we humans have been "humans" for 50,000 years or more.

Yet they only invented agriculture 10,000 years or so ago.

So our instincts haven't had NEARLY enough time to catch up.

The easiest (and most frustrating) way to feel this DAILY is hunger.

Our hunger instinct was calibrated when food was rare.

We had to chase it and kill it.

So those that were the HUNGRIEST and had the BIGGEST appetites were the most successful.

But another very insidious instinct that messes us up is when we see other people with lots of money.

Or signs of money.

And it's not obvious HOW they got their money.

Our instincts think we're still living in an egalitarian environment.

When the dude with the most wealth (the most meat from the biggest kill) is SUPPOSED to share.

When they don't, it triggers our "he's cheating" instinct.

This (like our never ending hunger) was GOOD way back in the day.

But not so good now.

Luckily, just like we can "trick" our hunger instinct, we can consciously think our way around this "he's cheating" instinct.

Don't get me wrong.

Politicians LOVE this "he's cheating instinct."

This is EXACTLY how those morons can get elected over and over.

They PROMISE us they'll "take" some of "their" wealth and "give" it to us.

This is how it FEELS like we are SUPPOSED to be doing it anyway.

But we aren't hunters any more.

We don't HAVE to consume "wealth" before it goes stale.

We can make it and save it.

This requires that you "re-calibrate" how you view wealth.

Part of it is NOT comparing yourself to others.

But to yourself a week or month ago.

Once you "recalibrate" WHO you compare your NOW SELF to, consistent success will be automatic.

Re-calibrating your brain will make everything clear.

Learn How:


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