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How To Control Your Thinking


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Meaning is very flexible.

At least some of the time.

If you're taking a test in school, then there is only one correct answer.

But most of the time, there is no "correct" answer.

Sure, some "answers" are better than others.

The "answers" depend on what you want.

For example, if you wanted to convince somebody to tell you what time it was, there are "useful" ways and "not so useful" ways.

Meaning some techniques would be much more likely to get the time AND a positive response.

Other techniques would be less likely. 

For example, if you asked somebody politely, they would tell you.

If you tried to telepathically convince them, it probably wouldn't work.

Does this mean one way is "right" and another way is "wrong?"

You could say that one way "works" and another "doesn't work."

We get into trouble when we don't have a clear idea of what we want.

Society is filled with "rules" about what we "should" and "shouldn't" do.

The idea of what we "should" do follows us around a lot.

For example, if you went out to eat with some friends, and decided to order dessert first, and then eat an entree later, your friends might look at you weird.

Somebody might even go so far as to say, "Hey, you're SUPPOSED to eat your dessert last!"

But is that really true?

The actual "truth" is that we have MUCH MORE flexibility with how we live our lives than most people realize.

Especially with how we think about things.

Nobody will ever be inside your head except for you.

But plenty of people will do their very best to influence HOW and WHAT you think.

Consider your thinking, especially HOW you do it, to be your secret weapon.

If you try something and fail, for example, a lot of people will feel BETTER if you feel bad about it.

Tons of people would love to try something new, but are terrified.

So when you try something new, they are HOPING you fail, and they are HOPING you feel bad.

That way, you'll go back to "normal" and be like them.

But you aren't going to achieve greatness if you spend your time NOT doing things so OTHER PEOPLE won't feel bad.

Screw that!

One of the best things you can do is to slowly change how you think.

About yourself, about the world, and about WHAT you can do.

The more creatively you can think about these things, the more creatively you can live.

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