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The Red Queen Theory


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What's the difference between studying and doing?

Once you become a doctor, you have a couple of choices.

You can work at a hospital, or you can go into private "practice."

Why do they call it "practice?"

Don't doctors have to take tests and do long and grueling internships to prove they already know what they are doing?

That's just to get started.

Every patient is different.

Sometimes they see things they've never seen in medical school.

They check with colleagues, read up on the latest research.

No doctor ever gets to a point in their career where they "know" all there is to know.

Simply because medical research exists as a HUGE field, with billions being spent every year indicates that we're a LONG WAY from understanding ourselves on a biological level.

The best athletes, musicians, artists, they NEVER rest.

The higher you go in any competitive field, the more you have to be like the Red Queen.

Running as fast as you can just to stay in place.

So it's kind of curious that when it comes to any kind of "self improvement," people imagine that all they need to do is passively read a book, or passively listen to somebody talk.

You'd think in the realm of self-development, people would be the MOST EAGER to be an active participant in their own lives.

But that seems to be the opposite.

Most self-development products (books, courses) are NEVER fully consumed.

People buy books, read the first couple chapters, and then put it on their "to do" list.

For many, having a the vague idea that they COULD improve their lives if they really WANTED to is more compelling than actually doing things on a daily basis.

Which is a shame.

Because the actual things you need to do to improve your life are pretty easy.

Just do some simple drills every day.

Write in your journal once a day.

Just ten minutes of small daily practice will add up to a LIFETIME Of achievement.

Get Started:


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