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Many NLP techniques are taught as "once and done."

If you're a trainer, this is a goldmine way to make a lot of money.

You teach an expensive seminar, and the only place to learn and practice these magical NLP techniques is in that seminar.

Of course, seminars are cool experiences.

You meet some cool people, talk about cool things that you would otherwise not talk about.

These can be life changing events.

I saw a documentary on one famous guru on Netflix.

They talked to some of his fans.

Many of them said they'd followed him all over the world.

Attending his seminars and retreats.

Some spending more than $100K in the process.

And then it struck me.

The fans of these "gurus" sounded very much like the folks who followed the Grateful Dead around back in the day.

If you went to a seminar to learn something, you'd only need to go once.

Spend any time going to any type of "self development" seminar, and you'll quickly run into "seminar junkies."

They go there for the experience.

Much like the Grateful Dead fans who dropped out society and followed them around the country.

The REAL changes in NLP come with daily practice.

Very small drills and exercises and journaling techniques you do on a daily basis.

NLP seminars are fantastic, don't get me wrong.

But learning the most powerful NLP techniques don't require seminars at all.

All it requires is a few minutes you spend every day practicing them.

Practicing how you think.

Rehearsing situations in your mind.

Using your brain, instead of letting it be led by others.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit.

Because once you realize how POWERFUL your mind is, you'll never look back.

Get Started:


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