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One of the most difficult times I had was in college.

I'd always been interested in science.

When I was younger I'd read all kinds of science books.

Mostly quantum physics.

It's not so hard when you take all the math out.

Concepts are simple, but cool.

But in college, when I got to the math part of physics, it was hard.

You can only get so far when talking about basic ideas.

Eventually you need to measure and calculate stuff, which requires math.

But with enough practice, it does get easy.

I spent plenty of nights working out equations over and over.

It's really not much different than practicing scales on the piano or guitar.

At first, it's clumsy and frustrating, and VERY boring.

But if you keep at it, it becomes easy.

I noticed this with every upper division math class.

At first, it seemed impossible.

But with enough practice, it becomes familiar.

It's like you need to think through the same problems over and over.

And then once you think about them enough, you build enough neural circuits in your brain, and those thoughts become familiar.

Most things aren't intuitive.

But when you practice them enough, they become intuitive.

This is the secret behind sports.

Practice them enough so they are second nature.

Indistinguishable from a natural instinct.

This is one of our best traits, us humans.

We can train in new behaviors and thought patterns until they become instinctive.

Once you do that, you can't tell somebody who is naturally gifted, and one who's just practiced enough so it's seems instinctive.

You can do this with any thought.

Train your thinking so something that seems difficult now, seems easy and natural.

What would you like to become easy and natural?

Talking to strangers?

Giving persuasive and enthusiastic speeches?

Selling things? Making money?

Whatever you want, you can build it in your brain first.

Then it will come true in your reality.

Learn How:



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