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Once upon a time, it was sufficient to do what you were told.

Go to school, learn what they say, get a job, do what your boss says, and get paid.

Unfortunately, this is less and less an effective strategy.

In order to follow that strategy, you have to either be lucky, or be very gifted.

Meaning you are naturally skilled in something so all you need to do is listen to people in charge.

Do what they say, and get paid.

But for the rest of us normal humans, it's getting more and more necessary to invent ourselves on the fly.

And continue to re-invent ourselves.

Everybody would LOVE to be told EXACTLY what to do.

Follow a step by step procedure, and earn enough money to enjoy life.

But those days are long gone.

Since so many people ONLY do that, follow step by step instructions, everybody is getting less and less.

On one hand, that sucks.

If you were born fifty years ago, then following those step by step instructions would be enough.

Today, they aren't.

If you want more than what you have, you've got to do more than what you've been doing.

Luckily, the actual stuff you need to do is mostly mental.

The behaviors are pretty straightforward.

It's figuring out the thinking patterns that make those behaviors possible is the trick.

Luckily, inside your brain is a vast mental laboratory.

In the theater of your imagination, you can practice any behavior.

Learn any skill.

Re-arrange any part of your past.

With enough patience, you can even rebuild your entire childhood.

So you remember being outgoing and friendly as a kid.

Or you can build in a history of being an extroverted class clown.

All it takes is consistent practice.

But since that consistent practice takes place in your brain, it's easy.

A few minutes a day, and you can create a whole slew of skills that will help you succeed.

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