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Hi everyone! Im new here ~ 


I have been going through a tough phase in life and understood that I needed to re-wire my brain. Happened to bump into this website and was reading most of the success stories shared in the website. I still am skeptical about some of the stories because it just sounds unbelievable. Either way I intend to try it out myself, so I bought the limitless subliminal. 


Please share what are some tips for a beginner like me who have no clue on what to expect and what I need to take note during my sessions. I hope to update on a weekly/monthly basis on my progress. :D


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Welcome Spider! ?

I was skeptic at first, but I've had some things happen that I have no other explaination for, but using subliminals.

I find keeping a journal on my phone or ipod helps me see how much affect the subliminal is having on my life, it's fun to read it back after a few weeks and see where the amazing changes started to happen.

I've found that some subliminals work instantly and some take a few days/weeks. Not sure why that is, but don't be discouraged if you don't get results right away, some take upto 3 months to work fully. 

Visualisation can speed up the process, you want to imagine things as if they are happening right now, keep your visualisation positive and let doubts go without judgement or thinking about them. Think as if you already have what you want, exactly as you want it now. You might get some signs from the universe to help you reach your goal, you might be drawn to a book, person, place etc... That leads you to your goal.

Good luck! Looking forward to reading your updates!

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