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Hi, I started listening to the subliminal "Raining Men" less than a week ago ...
Can someone tell me if it's just to find sexual partners ???

I am a woman who equal and call attention to my stature, the way I fix, like and not beautiful but I am striking ....

but these days listening to the audio usually two hours a day, one when working and the other time when sleeping ... but today it was very surprising what is happening ...

It's 6:00 pm and there are already three proposals, one from a friend who wants to spend a weekend with me maybe just like friends but the proposal soudns rare... , 
another from someone from the past who definitely would not see him again and another from someone that I like and have had a relationship with some time 
without commitment..

and a little flirt with a hand some boy ....

But tell me if someone really Raining men is just to get sexual partners?

It's fun but it's not what I'm looking for

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Read the statements carefully and decide EXACTLY how you want them to be interpreted.

Then create a specific visualization based on that outcome.

Focus on that outcome as strongly as you can, holding the specific visualization in mind.

Our brains are filled with all kinds of stray sexual messages and ideas, and if you listen without thinking it might cause trouble.

Meaning your flooding your mind withe statements, and without a specific intention, your subconscious is using whatever imagery it can find that it can relate to the statements.

Please use these carefully!

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