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I read a study regarding weight loss.

It was done by some British organization, and the results were less than inspiring.

It said that less than 2% of people who lost a significant amount of weight kept it off for a significant amount of time.

Meaning that they managed to lose weight, but nearly all of them eventually gained it back.

Now, it's a very easy excuse to say, "Well, most people can't do it so I'm not even going to try."

This more or less GUARANTEES you'll never have any kind of success.

After all, most humans are very comfortable doing what everybody else does.

If you want to get MORE than what most people get, you'll either have to do something DIFFERENT than most people do, or you'll have to get lucky.

Since getting lucky is, by definition, putting control of your life out of your hands, that's not my favorite strategy.

But let's take a look at how we can be in that 2%.

The people who ARE successful.

For one thing, when people think of losing weight, like they think of any success, they commonly think of it as a STATIC goal.

Like you do a bunch of work to lose fifty pounds, and then you're done.

This works if you're physically moving toward a finish line.

You can push yourself really hard to achieve a static goal.

But a lower weight (like any other success) is a new level of EQUILIBRIUM.

Weight is easy to see.

Your weight is a balance between calories consumed and calories spent.

So right off the bat, if you have weight loss as a "goal" you might be doomed before you start.

Goals are static things.

They are metaphorically thought of as a PLACE.

We say we "reach" our goal. Just like you reach for something physical.

If you have a goal of saving money to buy something, that's fine.

It's a finite thing. Once you get to that amount of money, you buy the thing, and you're done.

But health and financial goals, (as well as pretty much all other goals) are states of equilibrium.

These are not static.

They need to be maintained, like any other state of equilibrium.

If you are juggling three balls, your mind-body-ball system is in certain state of equilibrium.

When you are riding a bicycle, your mind-body-bike system is in a certain state of equilibrium.

The more complicated the process, the more complicated the equilibrium state.

How do you "get to" a complicated NEW state of equilibrium?

Very, very slowly.

If you go too fast, the new state will be HARD to maintain.

But if you go very slow, each new state will be just as easy as the previous state.

Which means you won't be "chasing goals" you'll be continuously UPGRADING your equilibrium.

Learn How:

NLP Mind Magic


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