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How Many Heroes Do You Have?


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We humans have been telling each other stories for a long time.

Long before written language was invented.

What was the purpose of these stories?

Generally speaking, anything that is ubiquitous to human culture serves a lot of different purposes.

But think of stories as motivational tools.

But not like we think of today's "motivational speakers."

Today's motivational speakers are more like entertainers.

They rouse us up, we feel the energy, but then we go home.

And pretty soon, it wears off.

Stories that TRULY motivate us work on a much different level.

They actually serve as tools.

For example, imagine a bunch of cave people sitting around.

Listening to the local storyteller tell some epic adventure.

Hero's journey type story, of man vs. monster.

They are quiet and intensely listening.

Not jumping around and screaming like today's motivational speaker audiences.

Then maybe a couple of days later, they'll be out hunting.

Maybe all alone, or maybe with a couple of buddies.

And they'll see a big animal.

Then they'll REMEMBER how the hero killed the monster.

Or how the hero BECAME the hero after he killed the monster.

This is the motivation.

No screaming and yelling required.

Just a small internal shift.

Imperceptible to an outside observer.

But monumental to the one who remembers.

He sees the monster, and feels fear.

But then he recalls the hero, and how the hero acted in the face of fear.

And because the hero acted IN SPITE of his fear, so will he.

A subtle yet monumental shift.

From "I don't know if I can do this," to "I can do this."

What motivates you?

What heroes can you recall in time of need?

Perhaps the future you?

Who has already destroyed all the obstacles you haven't faced yet?

Or one of your most respected and admired historical figures?

Upon whom you can call upon in time of need?

Once you understand the structure of mythical heroes, and how they motivate us, you can create your own.

Not just one, or two.

But a whole army.

Ready to have your back when you fight the daily battles of life.

Inspiring you to continuously conquer.

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