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Lessons From Bees


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Everywhere you look, you'll find cycles.

Earth around the sun.

Moon around the Earth.

Earth around it's access.

Tides, seasons.

Even astrological "ages" are based on the cycles built into our galaxy and solar system, as they are dependent on star configurations.

Bees have their own set of cycles.

They can tell when the summer solstice happens.

When the suns angles reach a maximum at the maximum point of the day.

Bees are good with angles.

When they go out looking for food, they come back and report their findings.

They fly around in a figure eight.

The size and angle of the figure eight describe the size and direction of the source of food.

All the hunters come back, have a quick pow-wow to see who's found the biggest treasure, and they all go off in that direction.

They don't argue, or worry who's going to get credit, or make sure they won't get into trouble if their wrong.

They gather, they share, they decide, they go.

When they all recognize the summer solstice (from the angle of the sun) they start getting ready for winter.

Automatically, collectively, unconsciously.

A bee hive in winter needs to be configured much differently than a beehive in summer.

All of these are unconscious and instinctive feedback signals.

We humans have a ton of these as well.

But due to how we are born (with brains not nearly as big as they'll be when they are fully developed) we also have a ton of learning.

On top of that, we have a conscious mind.

We think, we have instincts, and we can learn new instincts.

When these three systems are working in harmony, there is NOTHING we cannot do.

Especially when you've got a group of like minded people together.

Land on the moon?

No problem.

Split the atom?

No problem.

But this isn't guaranteed.

We also do a lot of less than cool things.

Both as groups and as individuals.

As individuals, it's very easy to slip out of balance.

To feel conflicted.

We want to get something, but we fear it at the same time.

It's very easy to feel stuck.

But with a little understanding, and some mental exercises, you can re-claim your natural balance.

And be much more in tune with your nature.

And once ALL the parts of you are aligned, you'll be unstoppable.

Learn How:

Ego Taming

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