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The idea of being congruent is very compelling.

It's also one of those words that can mean different things to different people.

A related word is resonance.

If you are a little kid on a swing, and you "resonate" the frequency of your legs to the natural frequency of the swing, you can get some pretty big oscillations.

Of course, little kids DON'T think:

"Let's see, first I'll need to do some trial and error testing to elicit the natural frequency of this swing. Then I'll use that as a feedback system and attempt to oscillate my legs at that same resonance frequency. If I'm successful, then theoretically I should create a maximum level of oscillation."

They don't think.

They just naturally swing their legs until they get higher and higher.

And when they decide to jump out, they also DON'T think:

"Ok, timing is critical. I need to exit this system at the simultaneous maximum of my oscillations while taking the cosine of my exit with respect to the ground to achieve a maximum of both vertical height and horizontal distance."

They just leap out.

This is how life is SUPPOSED to be.

We aren't supposed to stand there and use calculus to plan every action.

We are supposed to resonate naturally with the systems around is, and achieve a maximum amount of benefit for the minimum amount of effort.

This is EXACTLY why kids love swinging on the swings, and jumping out.

With very little effort, (swinging their legs back and forth) they can literally LAUNCH THEMSELVES up into the air.

A temporary ESCAPE VELOCITY from the ground.

But for some reason, when we grow up, we lose this ability.

In fact, this natural "flow state" is so rare, it's considered a physiological and psychological anomaly.

This is one of the drawbacks of living in a modern society.

On one hand, we've got tons of cool stuff.

But the cost for this is the TONS of data hitting our senses.

So much it's VERY HARD to find that natural resonance that comes from being fully CONGRUENT with our nature.

But if you were to find a local park and get on the swing set, you would remember how to have fun.

That is, if you allowed yourself to.

And with a little conscious thought and understanding, you can recalibrate your inner resonance system to the modern world.

And reach that coveted flow state much more often.

Learn How:

Ego Taming

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