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Re-Establish Social Equilibrium


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The other night I watched a YouTube video about the Mandelbrot set.

It's a fractal pattern, based on imaginary numbers.

(I find a lot in common between mathematics and hypnosis...)

A fractal pattern is a shape that keeps repeating the more you zoom in.

It also has the curious property of having an infinite circumference, but a finite volume.

Meaning the squiggly line going around the outside goes on forever.

But the area inside this closed loop of infinity is finite.

But it's also in a lot of natural shapes.

Trees, roots and branches each are like fractals.

The trunk, branches, leaves, and each vein within the leaf are repeating patterns.

Our cardiovascular system, nervous system and even our neurology are fractal-like patterns.

Reality is kind of weird like this.

Ideas, patterns, systems seem to be found a many levels.

One of the common ideas in all of science is equilibrium.

The sun is in equilibrium with the Earth.

The Earth with the moon.

Our bodies and our sleep cycles.

When we are in-sync, everything feels fantastic.

When we are out of sync, everything feels like crap.

When athletes or musicians are highly in-sync, they call it the "flow state."

Where the conscious mind just shuts off and takes a back seat.

This might be described as the highly coveted "self-actualized" person.

An athlete or musician or scientist who is operating a peak efficiency, and in total equilibrium with the world.

Not in the world, but part of the world.

The seamless flow between thought and things.

The athlete just barely imagines the perfect move and then it happens.

The difference between the sounds in the musician's mind and the sounds coming out of the speakers shrink to zero.

Of course, the minute you start thinking consciously when you're in one of these states, you ruin it.

This is when you're playing a song (or video game) perfectly, but then you start to focus on an aspect if it, and you "lose" that balance.

These events happen over short periods, but also over long periods.

Once humans lived in groups that were in perfect harmony with each other.

One of many, many of one.

But it's hard to find that these days.

Everybody's in a hurry, everybody's trying to play everybody.

You don't know who you can trust.

But the possibility still exists.

To tap that inner guide of your social equilibrium.

To get back into social balance.

Where social fears are a thing of the past.

Learn How:

Ego Taming


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