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Re-Calibrate Your Social Instincts


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Most human problems can be tied to a mismatch in instincts.

Hunger is the easiest to understand.

Way back in the day, it was a benefit to be MORE hungry than there was food available.

It kept us motivated, always moving.

Even today, being "hungry" means being motivated.

We want something that we don't have.

So we do whatever it takes to get it.

But on a literal level, our hunger instinct doesn't help us so much.

If you've ever gone on a diet, you know how difficult it is.

Sure, there are plenty of tricks to play on your hunger.

Drink water before eating.

Never go shopping when hungry.

Eat slowly.

But all these are things that you consciously need to remember to do.

Your ancient (and very powerful) hunger instinct is ALWAYS waiting for you to forget about it.

One of the big problems regarding health is our hunger only knows what TASTES good.

It's programmed to eat whatever TASTES the best.

It was calibrated WAY back in the day when "good taste = good health."

In that regard, it's very simple.

If something tastes good, eat as much as you can.

Way back in the day when food was scarce, this was fantastic.

Now it sucks.

Because clever food producers know how to purposely trick our taste buds into feeling nearly ADDICTED to processed food.

Now, this is JUST our hunger.

But we have a lot of other instincts that misfire all the time.

The most confusing are our social instincts.

But they are opposite of our hunger.

Our hunger THINKS that "junk food" is healthy because it TASTES good.

But we KNOW when we are eating junk food. 

We KNOW we are eating healthy food.

The problem is that junk food, to most people, TASTES BETTER than healthy food.

But for our social instincts, this is the opposite.

Healthy social signals from others FEEL FANTASTIC.

Unhealthy social signals are fake and shallow, and feel fake and shallow.

But unlike our hunger, it's very hard to tell the difference, unless you are actively looking.

But the good news is that with a little bit of practice, you can RE-CALIBRATE your social instincts.

So they ONLY are "fed" by healthy social signals.

Since these FEEL better, you'll soon forget about all the fake ones.

And it's the fake social signals that cause all social anxiety.

Once you re-calibrate your social instincts, social anxiety will forever be a thing of the past.

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Ego Taming

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