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Why Humans Conquered Earth


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One thing about us humans is we are insanely flexible.

One of our original "selling features" compared to all the other animals was our sexual division of labor.

For every other animal except humans, males and females hunt for the same food.

But humans (for whatever reason) decided to split between the sexes.

Men hunted (protein and fat) and women gathered (vegetables, nuts, roots, etc).

This meant we could live in TWICE as many places.

Since we only needed either (hunting or gathering) this gave humans a LOT of flexibility.

Nearly everything else about us is flexible as well.

If you're hungry, there are TONS of things you can eat that will satisfy that hunger.

If you are bored and want to watch a movie, there are THOUSANDS to choose from that will satisfy that "movie watching desire."

Even if you are seeking a relationship partner, there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people in your area that would fit whatever your criteria are.

On the flip side, you have TONS of flexibility when it comes to learning and enhancing skills.

This is another curious thing about humans that no other animal shares.

We are born FAR FROM being "fully developed."

We not only have tons of instincts, but tons of learning capacity.

Life long learning capacity.

In my local neighborhood, there's a community center where retired folks learn new skills just for fun.

What happens when you point your endless ability to learn toward the nearly infinite ways people can satisfy their desires?

You can get paid, that's what!

This is the essence of the global economy.

Nearly eight BILLION people, all with two things.

1) Unlimited Desires that can all be satisfied in unlimited ways.

2) Unlimited learning ability.

The more you get in the game, the more you get paid.

The more you can point your skills toward the satisfying of other people's desires, or solving other people's problems, the more you'll get paid.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

Get In And Get Some:

Wealth Tuning

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