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The Secret Of Numberless Geometry


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I learned a pretty cool thing the other day.

I was watching a bunch of videos and I came across this guy doing a lecture on metaphysics.

He is a logic professor, and he was talking about all the modern cool elements from modern science (gravity, relativity, quantum mechanics, etc.) but from a metaphysics standpoint.

The interesting thing was way back in the day of Euclid (one those ancient Greeks that came up with all the rules for geometry) they hadn't yet discovered a lot of math.

Meaning all of the theories kids learn about in geometry were invented by a guy who didn't need math to describe the rules of geometry.

But since we all learn geometry through the lens of math, that seems totally strange.

(At least to me it does...)

Math just makes it a lot easier to describe with a lot more precision.

Instead of talking in general terms about right angles and points of intersections, you can actually draw diagrams and measure angles.

It reminded me of the relationship between our ancient selves and our modern selves.

Our ancient selves, according to all of the scientists, were more or less like our modern selves.

At least going back 50,000 years or so.

The main difference?


Just like math can make science MUCH more accurate and interesting, money does the same thing for human productivity.

Looked at purely as a way to measure things, you can see what works and what doesn't.

If you look at money as a measure of how much value you are providing to other people, then money is the most awesome thing ever created.

For one thing, you can save money.

Back before money was invented, you only had stuff.

And if the stuff you had was perishable, (like food you grew) when it was past it's expiration date, it was worthless.

Money, on the other hand, can be saved a LONG time.

And just like the amount of scientific understanding EXPLODED when they added math into the mix, the amount of STUFF exploded when they put money into the mix.

Luckily, money is WAY easier to understand than math.

(Even Einstein had to borrow his buddy's math skills to help describe relativity).

Sure, some rich people make it seem overly complicated.

And a lot of people in power want us to believe money is evil.

But that's only to dissuade us from getting some.

Get In The Game:

Wealth Tuning

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