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Sleepwalking Through Life


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I've sleepwalked only once.

I was very young, but I remember it vividly.

I was having this crazy dream, trying to get somewhere.

But my path was blocked.

I think I might have been in a forest or something.

But in reality I was at the back of my closet, trying to push through the wall.

Now, I wasn't the cleanest kid.

My closet floor was covered in junk.

The transition from being in dream-land to being in a cluttered closet was pretty disorienting.

One of the common tricks when doing stage hypnosis is getting people to forget things.

Like the number three, or their name.

Then the hypnotist asks them a question (that requires the forgotten word) and audience laughs while they can't remember.

The way our biases work, we "negatively hallucinate" things all the time.

Cognitive dissonance doesn't allow us to see things that might hurt our ego.

Normalcy bias keeps us thinking things are "normal" when they are getting worse.

For example, in many public shootings, where some crazy guy walks in and starts blasting away, people hear the shots, but assume it's NOT gunfire.

Normalcy bias tricks people so they assume the unexpected loud noises are things like books falling off tables, or somebody dropping dishes.

It's as if our brains don't WANT us to see potential danger.

Like we have a "hide under the covers and pretend everything is normal" response.

Of course, when you compare the amount of stuff hitting our senses, to the stuff we can actually recognize consciously, our poor brains have a VERY tough job.

How we see and interpret the world is very much dependent on our filters, our biases, and our beliefs.

In investing they have an idea of a "black swan."

This is something that allegedly comes out of nowhere and causes the markets to tank.

Funny thing is AFTER the fact, everybody can look at it and say, "Oh yea, we should have seen that coming..."

Consider the quality of your life is highly dependent on how you perceive the world.

Many think they need to change the world, or even change themselves.

But what if all you really need to do is change your filters?

And by tuning your mind to the correct frequencies, you can have a much easier time getting whatever you want.

Learn More:

Wealth Tuning

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