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What are humans?

Silly question, but it can be helpful.

If you had a door stop, for example, and you were trying to use it as a tennis racket, you wouldn't win very many tennis games.

Or if you thought a frying pan was really a hat, you may end up in a rubber room and a straightjacket.

In understanding what we humans "are," it might be easier to get the best use of these mind-body systems that we're occupying for the time being.

So, what are we?

If you didn't know what a frying pan was, you could figure out it by watching people use it.

Same with a door stop, and tennis racket.

So what do we humans DO?

One thing we MUST do is consume energy.

And to consume energy, we must burn energy.

Because we are social creatures, we tend to involve ourselves in ventures with other humans, all for the goal of getting more energy.

For most of our history, that energy was pure energy, in the form of food.

The work we did was directly related to the energy we got.

But that all changed with the minting of the very first coins a few thousand years ago.

(Interestingly, two businesses that IMMEDIATELY popped up once coins were invented were casinos and brothels...)

Now people could do a whole bunch of DIFFERENT stuff to get coins.

And they could spend those coins on a whole bunch of different STUFF.

And saved coins represented the same thing as stored body fat.

An energy "surplus" that could be used to relax.

Bears fatten up before winter instinctively.

The more coins we humans save, the more time we can spend NOT WORRYING about coins.

However, plenty of people have very negative views about money.

Not just money itself, but if we have a negative view of ourselves, it's going to be hard to believe WE can get a lot more money.

One way that will help is to see what money REALLY is.

As long as you aren't a thief or a central banker, money represents something YOU DID that somebody else VALUED.

You used your efforts to create something.

Either something directly or with some organization.

And whatever you produced was DESIRED by others.

So much they VOLUNTARILY paid money for it.

The more money you have, the more of these "desires of other people" you have satisfied.

Somewhere along the line, somebody came up with the silly idea that "wanting money" is the OPPOSITE of "wanting to help people."

When in reality, they are EXACTLY the same thing.

Of course, like many ideas, knowing them intellectually is just the start.

But when you know these truths about money from EXPERIENCE, you will enjoy EVERHTHING about money.

Thinking about it.

Figuring out how to get it.

And making it.

Learn How:

Wealth Tuning

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