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Do You Avoid Hills?


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I used to be heavily into cycling.

I would ride from my then house to the beach and back a couple times a week after work.

And then long rides on the weekend.

On an average week I'd ride a 150 miles or so.

This was back before Amazon took over the world.

There was this huge bike shop I'd go to at least once a week.

Look through all the catalogues, chat with the workers.

One thing I loved doing was riding hills.

I loved going up, and I loved going down.

There was one hill that was perfect.

A long winding climb on one side, and a gradual LONG downhill on the other.

The most important part was the downhill had zero cross streets.

The first light was about half a mile after it had flattened out. 

Plenty of time to stop.

My record was a hair over 54 miles an hour, coasting downhill.

The guy in the bike shop HATED hills.

He siad he would ride MILES out of his way to avoid a hill.

Me, on the other hand, actively sought hills.

Some people will do anything to avoid discomfort.

Many people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education.

The idea is EXTREMELY compelling.

You go to a special place of learning, and the ideas get implanted into your mind.

A lot of NLP seminars are the same.

People spend tons of money to have skills and strategies INSTALLED.

Unfortunately, learning requires our participation.

Even the word "education" is based on the idea of "drawing out."

But many people treat any kind of education is as something being passively PUT IN to their minds.

And just like the guy in the bike shop, they are going WAY out of their way to avoid doing real learning.

Real learning comes from doing boring daily drills.

Playing the piano at parties is fun, especially if it makes you popular.

But you can't do that unless you do the drills that will get you the skills.

Nobody would imagine going to a "Piano Academy" and having the skills unconsciously installed.

The most important skills you can learn are language skills.

And since so few people are even aware that you CAN improve them (let do the work required) taking the time to improve YOUR language skills will make you an EXTREMELY valuable person.

To a LOT of people.

They won't even need to know why.

They'll just know your command of language is POWERFUL.

Learn How:

Weaponized Hypnosis

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