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There's a common scene in many thrillers and horror movies.

One character is going to meet somebody for the first time.

This is already after the character is caught up in the story.

The person they seek has some kind of information critical to the story.

They show up at the house, knock, but no answer.

But the door is unlocked, so they go in.

This is a pretty easy way to create movie tension.

Watching somebody walk into a strangers house.

Because instinctively, if we ever did that, we would be very nervous.

And if we found a stranger wandering around inside our house, that would be unpleasant.

When it comes to physical trespassing, we have a very instinctive feeling about it.

When people walk their dogs, they mark their territory for the same reason.

Fundamentally, having a sense of ownership over a piece of land means you get all of the resources on that land.

Wolves have their territory where they live and hunt.

And they protect it instinctively.

Physical beings going onto physical space is easy to see, recognize, and defend against.

But invasions into your mental space are very hard to notice.

Even when you turn your TV on at night, your brain is flooded with unhelpful messages.

A large percentage (more than half) of TV advertisement, for example, is paid for by drug companies.

The message they slip into your brain every night is, "if you have a problem a pill can fix it."

Sometimes this is helpful, sometimes it's not.

TV ads are easy to identify as potential invaders of your mind.

But in real life, plenty of people are very skilled in slipping their ideas inside your mind.

Of course, since we humans are social creatures, this is normally perfectly fine.

But not everybody has our best interests in mind.

Most of the time, simply noticing how they attempt to deliver their messages is enough.

Like you can relax and enjoy TV ads without being brainwashed.

How do you notice people's attempts to sneak in ideas?

By learning the basic structure of language.

Because once you do, you'll see many, many layers of ideas hidden within their communication.

Learn More:

Weaponized Hypnosis

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